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past endeavors

Solatio, the two faces of a seaside place

Client work, coding from design

Showcasing a beautiful location without getting in the way.
Instant page switches, smooth transitions, smart image preloading.
Built with the help of jQuery with a sparkle of canvas animation, with fully-accessible fallback for less capable devices and robots.

Solatio screenshot

Progetty Studio, all work and no play makes you a dull boy

Personal project, interaction design, coding from design

Sometimes you just have to take a break from client work and try something new for yourself.

Awarded by many, including Awwwards, Progetty Studio was my launchpad for vector content on the web. My SVG knowledge went from 0 to in a month. Lots of javascript, many days of testing, and it was worth every second of it.

Progetty Studio screenshot

Made for Fun, renting a bike has never been as fun

Client work, coding from design, booking process design

Name a bike, pick a date and time, and you're set. A simple bike renting platform that looks good and behaves well. Thanks to the use of vector graphics where available it will look great on all displays.

Meticulous attention was given to the two-step check-out process, based off WordPress + WooCommerce, personalized to their limits to make the website modern and easy to use.

Made For Fun screenshot

Spazio Di Paolo, fill the frame, says the photographer

Client work, coding from design

No pixel is spared on this photography portfolio website, the photographer's work fills the screen at any desktop resolution.

Thanks to its fully-ajaxed foundation, transitions can be used to enhance the user experience and client-side cache speeds it up. Touch gestures are also supported in the slideshow to provide a native feel to it.

Spazio Di Paolo screenshot

Dizionario Italiano, for mobile browsers, for free

Personal project, open source

There are plenty of good English dictionaries for smartphones online, but no online Italian dictionary I know of is free, fast, nor presents well on small screens.

Packaged as a mobile web-app, Dizionario Italiano fetches definitions via ajax and displays them in a way to closely resemble the integrated iOS dictionary.

Fermate IE, a solution for users of old IE

Personal project, open source

Sometimes you just can't profitably support discontinued browsers, even minimally, but by dropping support you leave their users with a broken experience.

Fermate IE saves the day, it offers a short and human message explaining what went wrong and offers a solution to the problem.

Simple, light, easy to implement, and Google Analytics code is included (but optional).